POSDEHA’s students develop research with British partners

Students Diana Souza and Jolita Portela from the UFC’s civil engineering / Water Resources program were selected by the Brazilian and British partners (Robert Gordon University, University of Saint Andrews and Queens University Belfast), to develop research abroad related to the Project “Combating the effects and causes of climate change – building resilience “. This is an integral part of the Capes-Print Institutional Program for Internationalization (EDITAL PRPPG 01/2018) together with the Newton Mobility Grant (NMG\R2\170134), and theEngineering and Physical Science Research Council (EP/Po2928/1). This project confronts two important dimensions of climate change and water pollution, one of cause and another of effect of anthropic action to the environment. Graduate students are working to better understand the impact of global warming on hydrological regime change effects of water quality, and anthropogenic eutrophication of reservoirs used for human consuption. This project seeks to propose solutions to the two theoretical extremes of environmental sanitation that, in practice, are intertwined in the biosphere.